July 13, 2001. Boy, it feels very strange to be writing on this page again! This page began at the beginning of 1999 and the server it was on went down in mid-2000 - not long after the last update. I was planning to just let it die because I've lost my Pokemon fandom and some of this site was getting outdated, etc. But a few people have convinced me to put it back up, so here it is I guess. ^_^;;

I should say something though. This site is *no longer being updated*. This page was up-to-date up to episode 104, "Charizard Chills", and before Gold and Silver had even come out here. So there are some things that may no longer apply, but oh well.

I have taken down the following page sections: Sounds, Impressions, Skins, Postcards, Webpage tips, Links, About me, Pokedex and Site of the moment. If you really want to see those pages (although I don't know why you would), some of them have been uploaded to this account but just aren't linked from the main page, and you can find the links to them somewhere on this updates page, probably.

And oh gosh, I can't believe how bad some of those fics of mine were. A year changes your view on things, doesn't it. I used to be proud of them and now I can't even bear to read them. ^_^;;

August 6. Updated the contest. Am hoping to update again tomorrow. May or may not do so. ^^; Sorry, it's been a busy week, I still have other things to catch up on. Oh, and I made a new site, just haven't uploaded it yet. (It's not Poke-related.) Oh, I think the server's been kind of screwy this week. Yet I seem to be able to use FTP okay... so I guess it'll pick up. ^^;;

July 27. Updated the fanart and poetry, plus of course the contest.

July 18. Updated the fanart page, humour (forum quotes + lists), Site of the moment and added a new page, You know you like Pokemon too much when...

July 17. Updated the contest page. Hope to update again tomorrow.

July 10. Updated the contest page, Site of the moment and the fanart page.

June 25. I updated the humour, site of the moment and fanart pages, as well as added a contest. And one more editorial which explains what I'm going to say in a minute here.

Sorry 'bout the delay. I've been busy. And I made a new site, Anime Jigsaw which is a general anime page. Plus, the PFFMLA (Pokemon FanFic Mailing List Archive) is back online, I helped with that. So I haven't been doing nothing online.

Also, I've lost most of my interest in Pokemon. Future updates of this page will mostly come from the contest. Please do not submit anything to the site's subpages any more unless it is for that contest.

I shoulda updated the links page. I don't think I will though. Sorry. ^_^;;;

April 17. Gosh, it hasn't been *that* long since my last update, not even a month... I do have a life... but anyway, this time I updated site of the moment and links (a little), as well as adding a new page, advice I would give to Pokecharacters, or that they would give to someone else. ^_^;

March 25. Small update this time. Five new fics by me. Oh, and while I remember, I wanna show you all this great page, for anyone who's interested in anime besides Pokemon (or wants to know more about it). Archen's Anime Page.

March 20. Fixed the link for the strategies page. It's really embarassing when I find out these things. I wish people would tell me if there are mistakes on the page. ^_^;; Anyway, I also added a little episode list. It's for people who wanna find the name of an ep without having to paw through episode summaries, which are on subpages.

March 17. Added a new page section. Puzzles.

March 16. Got more work done than I thought... anyway, I did end up doing one of the things I wanted to. Pokeballs is just a new information page...

March 15. I just updated the episode guide and the other trainers page (a little). I have ideas for a coupla new subpages, but I'm actually pretty busy right now, I don't even know if I'll have time this weekend. I'll try. ^_^.

March 12. I added a new page, Site of the moment, as well as adding one new piece of fanart and a buncha new quotes. Also, I made a new website! It's called Pounce! and it's a page for Meowth.

March 4. Got some decent updating done this time. Added two new pages, comic summaries and Pokemon games. (Which is just explanation of each Pokegame, not some Java thing.) Also made small updates to links, fanart and episode summary, the latter of which is barely worth mentioning, because I missed an episode I particularly wanted to see. ^_^;

February 29. Ooh, the last day of summer. Finally finished new layout. If you don't like it, that's a shame, it won't be changed for a long time. ^_^. When I re-layout things, I fix most mistakes and add things to pages. So most subpages are at least a little altered. Some that are more so include humour, episodes and some new or rewritten character profiles. ^_^. Image page will be back up, but not for a coupla weeks, I think. Also, I'll be on camp for a coupla days, so I won't be available until about Friday.

February 17. Updated episode guide for this week.

February 13. Happy Valentine's, almost. ^_^. Added two new comics and a few episode summaries. I'll probably regularly update episode summaries now... I'm also (offline) giving all subpages a new layout. So, no more stupid categories like Alakazam or Cubone's Collection. Just to let you know I am still working on the site, but it will take quite a while before it's finished. I just can't stand the current horrible layout for much longer. ^_^.

January 31. Updated Have a Say. And there's a notice on the main page... it'll probably annoy some people, but it's a real load off my shoulders, even if I didn't update enough anyway.

January 30. Wow, I did what I said I would. ^_^; I added a few more links, I probably shoulda put a little more effort but I was adding Jessie pics to Flame. Also, despite spending three hours working on the Pokedex, I only got six new entries up. That's kinda pathetic. But an update is an update. ^_^; There will be a lot of new images, screenshots in fact, coming in soon.

January 29. Added a page for sending postcards as well as updating the fanart just a little. Tomorrow I *hope* to update the Pokedex and links page. Hope. ^_^; Coupla days ago, the 27th, was first 'birthday' of this site (hence image on main page). Heh, doesn't feel that long. Probably 'cos I don't update as much as I should. ^_^.

January 23. Finally finished adding fanfics. It's updated now. I got so behind with it because updating fics takes a while and it is daunting. I might not update that section again, it depends on a buncha things. Also, no thought for the day, I'm thoughtless. ^_-. There will be more updates soon.

January 9. Added a fanfic writing guide. Actually, I thought I had this up a while ago... anyway, I did rewrite it. And I'm still working on updating the fanfic page. (There are quite a few fics. ^_^;)

January 8. Lacking motivation to update my other sites. Maybe I won't bother. Although I really should, especially the Jess and Gary sites. Anyway, I just updated the humour section, but I'm working on fanfics, actually.

January 4. More excuses. First, my computer was in the shop for repairs. By the time it came out, I thought I had better see if y2k "bug" was gonna have any effects. It didn't. I'm learning, I shouldn't daunt myself with too many things at once. So I'll do a few small updates. Hopefully. Whenever I say that, I don't! Reviews have two more added (they're fun to write ^_^.), and Thought of the day is a new section. Which has barely begun yet. I also tweaked this and that.

December 12. Sorry I took a while to update. First I lost my FTP account info... but I got it back, yay, thanks Robin! ^_^. ^_^. Anyway, a decent update this time, took a long time. See, I've been working hard. ^_^. Added a new page, comics. I added two new reviews, two new editorials and a new lyrics page. (I went to the city last week and bought some comics and the movie soundtrack. ^_^.)

Oh yeah, and I also updated the Pokedex. Don't laugh. It takes hours. ^_^; I have so many updates to do for ALL of my sites, it is truly depressing. I hardly know where to start. Any preferences?

November 29. Cue the holidays. ^_^. Rearranged main page a leetle, there are some more things I need to update (humour, impressions, fanart, fanfics, links - yes, still - and Pokedex). But for now, I fixed some links, and resurrected the sounds page... it was originally taken down 'cos the sounds weren't of sparklingly brilliant quality, but since some people wanted it back up... Also, a new have a say is up (go go ^_^.) and backgrounds has been updated a tad.

November 23. Another little update, a fifteen minute update. Three exams down (the easy three; French, English, Biology), three to go (the hard three; Maths 1, Maths 2, Chemistry). Temporarily changed pic on main page. It was a birthday present. (T'was the 18th; yes, I am late.) I changed the page index so it would look more impressive (er, I mean, be more useful, since the main page now has most subpages as links ^_^.).

November 21. Sorry, only a little update. Just posted couple more episodes. Then Cheez TV decided to replay the series from the start. By my calculations, this means no more new episodes until approximately the end of February. Yay. However, on brighter note, I saw my first Pokemon - the movie ad! Not bad. Movie will be coming out on the 16th of December (in Australia).

Exams this week, so forgive no updates. But, if anyone would like to mail me with any Pokemon-related comics they've done, I'm starting a new page soon enough. ^_^. Thanks!

November 13. *sighs happily* Bulk of the assignment work over with. Two oral presentations, two tests, six exams, and then precious freedom. Bear with me just two weeks more! ^_^. Updated the humour page, episode summaries, poetry and... umm. I gotta do links and Pokedex, I will probably do them tomorrow.

November 4. The episode summaries are up. They took hours, but it was fun. I probably will not update for a little while. I really do need to concentrate on my work. Thanks! ^_^.

November 3. Time passes quickly... the school year is almost over. And you know what that means? EXAMS. Yup. Very soon, I'll be off again for a few weeks with business. -_-; But today? A few small updates: fanart, lyrics and have a say. Pokemon Yellow guide is pretty much finished... I just beat Gary today, yay! ^_^.

In addition to that, I made two new pages... Names - a little info on the names of human characters, and poetry, a small page just starting out. ^_^. I've been working hard on an episode guide, expect that tomorrow with luck, I still have about 25 more eps to write first. -_-; But after I finish the ep guide, I'll hopefully have a break for the rest of the week, because I have an appalling number of assignments. -_-; Although I should update the links page and humour page and Pokedex... *sigh*

October 25. I'm going to kill everyone from shock for not taking a fortnight to update. *grins* Added a page on Japanese with some background info on Pocket Monsters to hopefully help people understand the series a little better? Dunno, *crosses fingers*

October 24. Sunday night. Technically, it's still this week. I think. Okay okay, maybe not. Sue me. ^_^;

Two new pages today. A very under-construction Pokedex (mostly up to give ME incentive to work on it, and to give you some idea of what it'll be), and reviews page. Responses and fanfics and fanart are all updated.

*phew* I'm ready to go crash now. ^_^; Hope you're happy I did this instead of French homework which is due, like, tomorrow. ^_^;;; Anywaaay, I'm in a good mood 'cos Go West, Young Meowth is due to play tomorrow, and after that I'll be able to work on my Meowth website. ^_^.

October 18. Well, I didn't have a lot of homework, but a coupla kids at school asked me to bring my Pokemon cards, so I had to clear out all my card slips (goodbye Pocahontas, Gladiators and Lion King cards), then organise all my Pokecards, then I decided to count them all... anyway, ate up a good two hours. ^_^;;

I'm sure none of you care. *sniffu* Anyway, I did manage to update the mysteries, humour (I think Pokemon fans must be the funniest people alive) and one new impression. *grins* The others promised (fics and Pokedex) shall come. Trust me! (Boy, that statement's likely to kill ANY potential trust... -_-;)

October 17. Added a new page, which took ages, backgrounds, which has some info on the origins of some Pokemon. Also updated the fanart page. Tomorrow, if I don't have much homework, I'll finally update mysteries, humour and fanfics, as well as adding the Pokedex. *glances at Crowmoonie* Later. I need to go to bed. ^_^;

Thanks all very much for helping me with my survey! I handed it in last week. The write-up for the assignment was TWENTY FOUR PAGES. o.O;;

Anyway, I gotta ask you something. Do you care how big updates are? I mean, the reason I take so long to update is 'cos I always think "oh, I'd better just update this section before I update" or something, and so I don't get around to it. Would you prefer I have updates every few weeks like I do now, when I generally make something new or update something a lot, or would you prefer one or two a week, just smallish updates? Mail me. ^_^.

October 2. Updated have a say, skins, Pokemon Yellow guide and... oh, that's about it, although I added one new fanart. Made a responses page (just see it ^_^.) as well. Oh yeah, unfortunately we've moved again, just whack a 'leto' in front of the sailorsaturn.com and you're set.

I'm working on a number of new websites at the moment, and this is why I haven't been updating. See, I am keeping myself busy. ^_^. Oh, and while I'm at it: a big thank you to everyone who was kind enough to fill out the survey (last update)... I've almost got enough to do my assignment. If there are any more kind souls out there who have a free minute...?

September 19. Holidays after next week. Can't wait, man. Today I had a nice time not worrying about updating fanart, fics, have a say, mysteries, links, etc, all the things that are piling up. ^_^. Instead, I made a new page section (Pokedex) and three new sections. Strategy, Pokemon Yellow and the differences from red and blue (I got the game last week) and Best Pokemon.

Expect some new additions to Pokedex, especially after next week.

Now... I have a super big favour to ask. ^_^;; See, the thing is, I have this major English assignment, and I totally need help. (No, this is not Pokemon related, but if I can't ask for OT help on my own site, where can I? ^_^.) For it, I need about 100 surveys filled out, from people of different ages, from different backgrounds, etc... I've only gotten about 50 back in real life, so I need some people to fill them out and send them via e-mail.

Just go to this page here, copy-and-paste the text into an e-mail to me, and fill it out. You can say as much as you like, or say nothing, just giving the answers. I'm not fussy, I'm desperate. Also, if you'd like to print off the survey and have anyone else fill it out, I will love you forever.

But, no pressure. I just thought I'd ask. ^_^.

September 7. Woah, been a while since an update. Sorry. I did the fanfics, some fanart, a bit more humour (quotes), the impressions page is back up... images page is now functioning properly. I was working on the Winamp skins for hours, but I haven't finished anything yet, and I still need to update links, mysteries... kyaa, too much. -_-;; Plus I moved the whole site. Any broken links or whatever, let me know. I'm really exhausted. I hope you guys don't mind too much but I'm gonna avoid the monotonous things for a while, and concentrate on making new subpages instead.

August 15. I am still busy. Sorry, I'm going mad with all the fanfics, and I've lost track of the ones I was gonna post. If I asked to post your fic and haven't done so yet (this doesn't include you, Misty Kasumi Waterflower, I've got your fic safe) please resend it.

My old e-mail address, leto-chan@sailor-v.com no longer works. So, try cstanley@adelaide.on.net. Hopefully I'll remember to fix all the pages my old one is written on. ^_^;;

As for today's updates. Bleah, I've had a heckuva time uploading. Attempted to update the images page but of course, FTP stuffed up so now the cards page has gone altogether. *grinds teeth* Fanfics has a small handful of new fics. Humour and have a say updated. FAQ and Fanart pages added, but they haven't really begun yet, they need your contributions!

August 1. Just the lyrics page updated. I do need to update the fanfic page, among others, but it'll have to wait. I am gonna be incredibly busy this week. I also took the link exchange down.

July 26. Have a say and link exchange pages added, to the Alakazam! and Pay Day sections respectively. *grins* Umm, not really any other updates, but they'll come in time. I should warn you, I'll be super busy over the next week, and I'll also not have 'net access for half the week, so... I won't be around much. ^_^.

July 18. Updated the lyrics page, mysteries page, humour page, editorials page and fanfic page. Added a page index. If I specifically told you that I'd like to post your fic and haven't, I probably just lost it in a mess of e-mails. Please re-e-mail me.

The links page is being updated every now and then without announcement.

July 6. Finally, finally an update. Sorry about the horrible delay. See the important section for details. But yay, now I'm on a server that actually lets me upload! ^_^.

Okay, a good batch of updates. Posted about 40 new fics touch wood, an editorials section, interactions page, Winamp skins, humour, more mysteries and some of the character profiles were updated a little (see Viridian, mostly). And of course the new layout things. That's what took the most time. *sighs*

June 6. A decent update today. Added two new pages. One for lyrics and one, a fanfic writing guide. Also updated the fanfics page. I need to update the mysteries page but haven't done so yet.

May 30. Just a little update - one more fanfic (chapter) plus some of my fanart on the 'about me' page. Sorry 'bout this, there are real updates in store. ^_^.

May 28. Added a trading board, more impressions, one fic, some more mysteries (and a new little mysteries game answers page ^_^.) and drinking game things, plus the biggest update - a whole new website! ^_^. Venom... It's not part of Loose Change so I probably won't announce its updates here, but it's worth a mention I guess, since it's what I've been working on besides LC.

May 21. Wow, no updates for a long time. There's a reason for that: computer problems, and lots of 'em. Wouldn't you say that not having a computer counts as a computer problem? ^_^.

I've lost some link requests, and so on. If you sent me something, please resend it. Merci beaucoup. (Thanks muchly.) Today I just updated the mysteries, drinking game, links (somewhat) and fanfics page - all the pages that've been in dire need of updates.

Also updated the "I'm not losing it!" page. Oh, and I'll just say, there are some more decent updates on the way. *grins*

May 8. I am in the process of redesigning the site. I also put up a new section which will soon be part of a subsection, but until the site's redesigned, has nowhere to go except the main page. (Did that make any sense?) I'm not losing it, is what the page's called. ^_^.

May 7. I just added a handful of new fics, and there is now an images page up. ^_^.

May 1. New fanfics... well, there are always new fics, every update. ^_^. Also added a Pokemon League page, with info about the gym leaders, Elite Four, etc. More mysteries also.

April 24. Added new fanfics, as per usual. ^_^. And also as usual, mysteries and drinking game were updated. Surprise, surprise, the links page was updated too! This is a shock! ^_^.

April 16. Added several new fanfics, updated mysteries page... also, I added two new pages, one for miscellany (clubs, webrings, awards, blah blah blah) and one for a theory I have on Team Rocket. ^_^.

I still haven't updated the links page... *sighs* Sorry, everyone. I'll do it soon. ^_^.

April 6. Added new fanfics, mysteries, quotes and drinking game. Mysteries only has one or two new additions though. Reminder to self: Update links page and add awards/webrings page. ^_^.

March 30. Added new fanfics and updated some older ones. Mysteries and drinking game pages have been updated a little. ^_^.

March 21. Made a fanfic page. BTW, I update the links page without announcing it, so every now and then, when I find new links I like, it'll be updated.

March 2. Made an updates page. As you see here. ^_^. Uh, I basically update my pages whenever I feel like it, without necessarily announcing it. Mostly 'cos the updates are small. I updated the Main Pokemon pages slightly and the mysteries page.

I'll be posting fanfics next, and updating the quotes page. For now, there's a Pokemon forum added. Yeah, I know there are lots out there already, but I haven't found any Bravenet ones before, and Bravenet is my fave type of forum. ^_^. (This isn't to say there aren't Bravenet forums out there, just that I haven't found any. ^_^.)

February 1 - quotes page added and impressions page added to.

January 27 - Loose Change was uploaded and released to the web. Yeahhh! ^_^.

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